After-sales service

                                                                       After sales service

CHANGZHOU SPECIAL TRANSFORMER CO.,LTD offers an extensive range of services to customers after delivery of their transformers. 

These services include:

1.Cleaning and corrosion removal
2.Test according to IEC 76
3.Waste oil disposal
4.Dismantling of transformer
5.Cleaning, checking and fault removing on the core - coil assembly
6.Revision of tap changer
7.Stove drying of tap changer
8.Mounting the transformer with replacement of all seals.
9.New oil filling and evacuation of the transformer.
10.Final test with test report according to IEC 76 and fixing an overhaul rating plate.
11.Surface treatment by flooding process.
12.Pressure test for tightness  

Additional services

1.Refurbishment for transformers or transformer components 

2.Offering spare parts at anytime, we will respond to customers’ requirement for brand new spare parts for replacement as soon as possible, so as to reduce the down time at the customers’ side. (for example:magnetic oil-level gauge, Buchholtz relay, dial thermometer, level indication for hermetic design and so on)

3.Sending our staff to the work site to fix the problems together with users (it is necessary and urgent, we will dispatch our engineer /professional staff to the work site at once).